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Júlia Almeida, UPPartner PR & Influencer Marketing Director

The PR & Influencer Marketing area can contribute to ensuring that clients who benefit from the services of Business Tourism see their initiatives widely promoted across various channels, whether traditional or online.

Both through the media and a distinct group of influencers, these clients can promote their presence in Portugal and the purpose behind their initiatives.

Both strategies are crucial for building a positive image, increasing visibility, and creating greater engagement with their target audience.

Bernardo Soares, UPPartner Health Care Director

There are increasingly more people welcoming pets into their homes and a growing concern for their health. These premises have naturally resulted in a rapid expansion of this sector, whose potential is increasingly recognized.
Wanting to make the most of the company of their animals in various moments, the path to follow – which has already begun to be built – is to make spaces more pet-friendly, making prolonged coexistence possible.

Tourism is no exception, quite the opposite. By addressing the needs and preferences of their customers, it will certainly have the ability to become an important support for the pet market.

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The Event and MICE Manager

With more than 7 years of experience in Event Management, from where I graduated, my professional career was marked by work at two international event agencies. Through this experience, I gained the ability to plan memorable events and monitor them, always paying attention to the small details that make a difference. This is my passion. - Ana

The PR and Influencer Marketeer

Stories and words have always played a significant role in my childhood, but studying Marketing was part of my academic journey. I developed a passion for events as I had the opportunity to create creative concepts and content, as well as assist in event planning. A few of my favorite things are traveling, staying near the sea, and immersing myself in a book. - Nicole

The Marketing Researcher

While I thought journalism would be my primary professional field, life showed me how we can have multiple motivations. Due to an unexpected turn of events in my life, I found myself working in the field of market research, where I discovered my passion for collecting data and insights to generate innovative ideas. In addition, I enjoy spending time with my animals every day. - Marta

The Digital Marketing Consultant

Playing football and devouring picture books my grandfather gave me were some of my favorite things to do as a child. In my quest to learn more about everything around me, I remained passionate about books, studied Law, and then tried becoming a copywriter, which led me to digital marketing. My curiosity, coupled with my love of writing, makes me feel at home here. - Nuno

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